Pillars of Creation


You know that photo NASA took back in the ’90s with the Hubble telescope called the Pillars of Creation? Well, that iconic photo was the first photo to get me interested in space. This is my first real attempt photographing the Eagle Nebula, which if you look closely, features the pillars in the center. I [...]

Pillars of Creation2024-06-10T07:59:19-08:00

Orion Nebula


In my never ending quest for continuous improvement, here is my latest (and first decent) attempt at photographing the Orion Nebula. Just a tad bit better from my first attempt 3 years ago. I've been fighting with clouds and the moon all month, but I did manage to get a few nights of good data. [...]

Orion Nebula2023-12-13T09:08:37-08:00

Horsehead Nebula


I've wanted to photograph this since I first started, but between my lack of skill and not the right camera, I haven't been able to until now. It is only 10 hours of integration, so I definitely need to add more time. Overall, I am super excited with the result! Lights: 10 total hours (Ha, [...]

Horsehead Nebula2023-11-10T12:49:08-08:00



I’ll probably end up adding more integration time to this one (and edit 20 more times), but I am impressed with how detailed it turned out with just 12 hours from a bortle 7 sky and 50% moon! Lights: 12 total hours (Ha, L, R, G, B) Darks: 30 x 120 second exposures 30 flat [...]


Bubble Nebula and Lobster Claw Nebula


Venturing out a bit from some of the more common targets I might typically shoot, I decided to shoot the lobster claw and bubble nebula. Luckily it is in just the right spot where I could get 6 hours each night. Lights: 24 total hours of Ha, OIII and SII (600 second subs) Darks: 10 [...]

Bubble Nebula and Lobster Claw Nebula2023-09-11T12:07:56-08:00

Photo Critique from Nebula Photos


Wow, such an honor to have Nico Carver of Nebula Photos critique my photo of the Elephant Trunk Nebula (along with an astonishing 359 other photos)! Crazy amount of dedication this guy has to the astrophotography community. I even got featured as the second photo in on the YouTube thumbnail. If you have 9+ hours [...]

Photo Critique from Nebula Photos2023-08-23T13:48:17-08:00

Veil Nebula


Lights: 16+ total hours of Ha and OIII Darks: 10 x 600 second exposures 30 flat and 30 bias exposures Camera: ZWO ASI1600MM Pro Telescope: Sky Watcher Esprit 100 Guiding: 50mm f/3.8 and ASI120MM Mini Computer: ASIAIR Plus Mount: Sky Watcher EQ6-R Pro Power: Jackery 240 Processing: PixInsight, BlurXTerminator, StarXTerminator, NoiseXTerminator and Photoshop

Veil Nebula2023-08-18T09:10:52-08:00

Rosette Nebula


Man, after way too many months of clouds, rain, being gone, etc. during new moons, I finally got some clear nights to shoot the Rosette Nebula in the famous SHO Hubble palette. Lights: 12+ total hours of SII, Ha, OIII and 10 x 30 seconds of R, G, B for the stars Darks: 10 x [...]

Rosette Nebula2023-01-22T11:30:38-08:00

California Nebula


Although not my longest integration time for an astro photo, this was probably my most complicated to compile as it was my first 2 panel mosaic taken over multiple nights with multiple filters. A lot to line up! I'm thrilled with the rainbow-esque colors I was able to achieve by really pushing the OIII data. [...]

California Nebula2022-10-03T13:23:24-08:00

Andromeda Galaxy


We spent 3 nights camping under Bottle 2 skies at Plasse's Resort at Silver Lake. Our campsite was probably the worst from a camping standpoint being in full sun during 90 degree days, but it was perfect for astrophotography. I ran into some issues with the ASIAIR app on the first night when it only [...]

Andromeda Galaxy2022-08-17T14:17:25-08:00

Cygnus Wall


This is a closeup of the Cygnus Wall (or Mexico) in the North America Nebula. I shot a wider field of view of the North America Nebula when I first started this hobby. I guess you can say I've made some improvements since then! This photo contains just over 15 hours worth of data all shot [...]

Cygnus Wall2022-08-17T14:17:32-08:00

Rosette Nebula


Having shot most of the beginner winter astrophotography targets already, the famous Rosette Nebula was next. The major accomplishment on this one was the fact that it includes over 8 hours of integration from multiple nights.  

Rosette Nebula2022-08-17T14:17:58-08:00

California Nebula


Although this is a winter target for me, it seems very fitting of what California looks like in the summer... on fire! I finally feel like I am making decent progress with this very difficult niche of photography. From an image capture standpoint, I've made a lot of errors, but continue to learn from them [...]

California Nebula2022-08-17T14:18:04-08:00

Orion’s Belt


This composition of Orion's Belt, that includes the Orion and Horsehead nebulae, has been on my "to-do" list ever since I got into astrophotography. I've shot them each individually, but I really wanted to get them in a single shot for ease of processing, printing, etc. For this, I used my 275mm Radian Raptor and [...]

Orion’s Belt2022-08-17T14:18:12-08:00

Horsehead Nebula


We finally had some nights without clouds and rain, that coincided with a new moon, which gave me the opportunity to shoot the Horsehead Nebula sitting in Orion's Belt. By no means is it award winning, but I'm happy with the progress I'm making. This is 20 x 5 minute exposures with dark and flat [...]

Horsehead Nebula2022-08-17T14:18:19-08:00



Like most people, I've had a lot more time at home recently than I'd probably like. Add to that a baby that doesn't like sleeping through the night and you get the perfect recipe for astrophotography. I mean, what better use of time in the middle of the night do you have? The 3 photos [...]


Orion Nebula


I've always been fascinated by the stars since as far back as I can remember. I've done star trail and milky way photography before, but am now just getting into deep sky astrophotography. It's a little tough from the light polluted skies in my backyard (Bortle class 7), but waiting for a moonless night with [...]

Orion Nebula2022-08-17T14:18:52-08:00

Bishop Creek Milky Way


Since I was not fortunate enough to have any clouds for my sunset photo at North Lake, I figured I'd try to squeeze in a Milky Way shot of Bishop Creek (just West of Aspendell) looking up towards the mountains. I knew it was a bit late in the year to attempt a Milky Way [...]

Bishop Creek Milky Way2022-08-17T14:19:50-08:00

Bonsai Rock Milky Way


My wife and I were given a 2 night stay in South Lake Tahoe this weekend (thanks Judy!). I somehow convinced my wife to go up with the kids early Friday afternoon so I would have to drive separately and have my own car for some astrophotography. Bonsai Rock, on the east shore of Lake [...]

Bonsai Rock Milky Way2022-08-17T14:19:59-08:00

Kalalau Star Trails


The Kalalau Lookout is probably one of the most beautiful locations I've been to. Had our trip not been so last minute, I definitely would have made sure to get a permit and backpack the Kalalau Trail. Since there aren't too many compositions of this location and fiery sunsets are very rare, I had the [...]

Kalalau Star Trails2022-08-17T14:20:05-08:00

Glacier Point Milky Way


I've imagined this photo in my head for years, but have just been waiting for the stars of the Milky Way to literally align with the horizon of Yosemite on a moonless night. Summer is the best time of year for this, so there are only a handful of moonless nights that it can happen. I [...]

Glacier Point Milky Way2022-08-17T14:20:15-08:00
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