Although not my longest integration time for an astro photo, this was probably my most complicated to compile as it was my first 2 panel mosaic taken over multiple nights with multiple filters. A lot to line up! I’m thrilled with the rainbow-esque colors I was able to achieve by really pushing the OIII data. Quite a different look from my first attempt at this target, though some of that is due to using narrowband filters on a mono camera.

Lights: 24ish x 600 second exposures each of SII, Ha, OIII and 10 x 30 seconds of R, G, B for the stars

Darks: 12 x 600 second exposures

30 flat and 30 bias exposures

Camera: ZWO ASI1600MM Pro

Telescope: Sky Watcher Esprit 100

Guiding: 50mm f/3.8 and ASI120MM Mini

Computer: ASIAIR Plus

Mount: Sky Watcher EQ6-R Pro

Power: Jackery 240

Processing: PixInsight, Starnet v2, NoiseXTerminator and Photoshop