After a long hot/smokey summer, it felt pretty good to escape to the Fort Bragg area for a couple days camping on the beach with my family and my brother’s family. We were pretty socked in with fog most of the time (we couldn’t even see the waves crashing a hundred feet away at times).

Making the most of the conditions, I took a handful of moody fog shots throughout the day knowing I’d end up turning them to black and white since there was very little color anyway.

Luckily, a little before sunset, the fog lifted enough so we could actually see the sun, which allowed me to capture this photo before the sun went behind the thick marine layer on the horizon.

The next morning, we had a bit more sun and a little less fog. I saw the fog rolling off of the hills behind our camp, so I took a long exposure to really smooth out its flow.

Overall, a great trip getting to spend time with family (and a little photography on the side).