Nolan Turns 3


They say astrophotography is the hardest/most technical form of photography there is, but I think children photography (especially your own) is way more difficult. It was a somewhat last minute planned shoot so we would have photos before his 3rd birthday, but I am still happy with the results. This age really is the best. [...]

Nolan Turns 32023-11-13T09:26:37-08:00

Spring Newborn


Our good friends recently had a baby girl, who I offered to take photos of. Not my usual style of photography, but it feels good doing something nice for them. A ton of credit to her parents and my wife for doing most of the hard work to make this a success.

Spring Newborn2023-04-16T14:49:53-08:00

Dylan Turns 7


Happy birthday to my second child, Dylan, who is now 7 years old! We ran down to Springview Johnson Park in Rocklin and used the same piece of railroad we found last fall when we did Nolan's birthday photos. It had been moved slightly since then, but was setup with the bridge nicely in the [...]

Dylan Turns 72022-05-09T11:53:56-08:00

Rocklin Newborn


I'd like to welcome my 3rd son, Nolan, to this world! For this photo, I used a rusty steel background I already had and then built a little bed out of barn wood that is sitting on a small cowhide. Really going for that rustic theme on this one.

Rocklin Newborn2020-11-23T19:09:10-08:00

Family Self Portraits


Every year or so, I force my family to hike up a mountain/wander around a forest/etc. for our family self portraits so that I can print a large photo to hang above our mantle. I'd like to say we were lucky this year in that the field for the photos was less than a mile [...]

Family Self Portraits2019-03-25T17:18:41-08:00

Lillyan Rivera


I have so much respect for newborn baby photographers! I wonder if they are aware of all the other (easier) things to photograph?? All kidding aside, here is my new niece:

Lillyan Rivera2019-01-28T19:46:10-08:00

3 Year Old Portrait


Happy Birthday to my youngest son, Dylan, who is turning 3 year old. I had an old rusty sheet of metal with tons of character sitting around from another project that I thought would make the perfect portrait background. I put him in a blue shirt to bring out the blue in his eyes as [...]

3 Year Old Portrait2018-04-01T09:23:38-08:00
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