This location has been on my shoot list for a couple years now as it is one of only a handful of waterfalls that flow directly into the ocean. The timing just hasn’t been right because the creek only flows after a good rain and it is about a 3 hour drive each way. Sure, I’d have loved a colorful sunset and a little higher tide to complete the composition, but the storm rolling in (which dumped on me for a few minutes before this shot) created some nice waves crashing into the shore. You really need to view this at 100% to appreciate all the detail throughout the scene.

After grabbing this shot the rain seemed to have stopped, so I ran back to the car to have the wife and kids join me at the cliffs. The kids loved playing around in the creek just out of frame. While at the car, I also grabbed my 4×5 film camera to take some shots. My lens for that camera isn’t quite as wide as this, but I am hopeful they turned out.