Ever since I got my Lee Filters SW150 filter kit for my 14-24mm lens (back when they were the only ones making a filter system for that lens), I was always a little concerned about using the neoprene “hood sock”. Sure, it would keep the front element clean from dirt/water/etc., but anything bumping the front would hit the glass pretty easily. I dealt with it by not keeping the filter holder on my lens all the time and using the standard lens hood when possible.

Then I got the SW150 filter adapter for my 19mm tilt shift, which doesn’t come with a lens hood of any kind. The front element of that lens protrudes out so far as it is, I knew I needed to find (or make) a solution before I had a very expensive repair bill.

After searching all over the internet, contacting Lee Filter, etc., I was left with no solution to the problem. Then good old Amazon “suggested” I might like to buy a 3D printer, but after looking into it more I decided I wanted to stay married and not make any frivolous purchases. Instead, I found a local designer/printer that was willing to design a lens cap to my specs and print it for me.

After a few test pieces getting everything dialed in, we were able to come up with a solution that keeps the front element safe and slides right on the all the Lee Filters SW150 adapters. It’s not the most elegant piece, but it totally does the job. I went ahead and had a few of them made so I can leave the filter adapters on all my lenses.

If you are interested, I can put you in contact with my designer/printer and he will print them out for a very reasonable price.