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When my wife was pregnant with our 3rd son, she got horrible heart burn at night and couldn't sleep. After trying everything under the sun to help her (us) sleep, she found pickle juice of all things. Since we were buying pickles by the pallet just for the juice I was reminded that the good [...]

RAD Radio2021-05-17T08:39:25-08:00

Most Potent Powders


I recently completed some product photography of supplements for Most Potent and now finished shooting the various ingredients for displaying on their website. It was actually quite tricky to shoot as I had to get the powder in a somewhat uniform pattern on glass so I could have the background below easy to swap out [...]

Most Potent Powders2020-06-29T07:39:02-08:00

Tahoe Blue Slide


This one will be used for display purposes at Raley's and is definitely one of the more complicated product photos I've done for Tahoe Blue Vodka. Between the fake snow (which takes forever to get it where you want it, but still look "natural"), then the pile of coffee beans and of course the actual [...]

Tahoe Blue Slide2018-10-28T06:22:22-08:00

Tahoe Blue Vodka


Here are a few shots of Tahoe Blue Vodka's various bottle sizes they now offer. Their bottle is still one of the most difficult bottles to photograph between the shape, texture and lake showing through.  Congrats to Tahoe Blue Vodka in becoming a partner of the San Francisco 49ers!! I can't wait to go to [...]

Tahoe Blue Vodka2018-10-17T10:28:50-08:00

Jittery John’s Cold Brew Coffee


I like coffee and I like alcoholic beverage photography... so why not combine the two for a whiskey style coffee shoot of Jittery John's Cold Brew Coffee Espresso Blend? The coffee comes in a flask shaped bottle, which goes perfectly with the "whiskey" glass sitting on a barn wood table and with a rusty metal background [...]

Jittery John’s Cold Brew Coffee2018-03-29T19:23:54-08:00

Black Medicine: Cold Pressed Coffee


I've been really getting into trying different kinds of coffee lately (whether on purpose or out of necessity due to lack of sleep I do not know exactly). Being that this one is somewhat local to me (Oakland), I knew I had to add it to my list to try out. It seems like cold [...]

Black Medicine: Cold Pressed Coffee2017-06-02T05:18:35-08:00
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