Ernest E. Tschannen Science Complex at Sacramento State


I realized that I never posted this photo of the Ernest E. Tschannen Science Complex at Sacramento State. Not the best vantage point to show off the planetarium dome, but otherwise I think it turned out pretty good.

Ernest E. Tschannen Science Complex at Sacramento State2023-03-09T12:27:51-08:00

Bodie Ghost Town


Another project completed for Catalyst Builders, HMA Architecture and FiveWest Interiors. This team always seems to knock it out of the park. It was a difficult home to photograph due the steep hillside it sits on, but I was able to make it work with a very tall tripod and tilt shift lens.

Bodie Ghost Town2021-10-14T07:06:57-08:00

DGS O Street Office Building


The company I work for, Valley Communications, performed the structured cabling, security management systems and audio visual systems on this new Dept. of General Services building at 1215 O Street in Sacramento. This was a last minute shoot as we needed the photo ASAP for a marketing piece. Rather than spend 10 hours cloning out [...]

DGS O Street Office Building2021-07-28T07:08:08-08:00

Rustic Modern


Wow, this rustic modern home was an absolute joy to photograph. All the dark interior wood floors and trim definitely made it a challenge to light though. This was shot for Catalyst Builders, FiveWest Interiors and Donald Joseph Architect. I was really hoping for a fresh blanket of snow for the exterior, but I seem [...]

Rustic Modern2020-12-16T08:29:33-08:00

Classic Mountain


I had the pleasure of shooting this beautiful home for Catalyst Builders and HMA Architecture. It is located in the always beautiful Schaffer's Mill in Truckee. I had to deal with a ton of smoke from the forest fires nearby, but overall made it work.

Classic Mountain2020-09-22T17:13:36-08:00

Northstar Residence


Sometimes you just get perfect light for the twilight exteriors. The sun was setting behind me and behind a bank of pink clouds, which helped add a nice pink soft light to the entire scene. This home in Northstar was shot for Catalyst Builders and Donald Joseph. This was my first time back to Northstar [...]

Northstar Residence2019-10-20T07:20:50-08:00

Napa Farmhouse


I had the extreme pleasure of shooting this newly finished home in Auburn that was inspired by many of the farmhouses throughout the Napa area. I love when I get the opportunity to work with a builder (Landmark Builders), architect (HMA Architecture) and interior designer (Pepperjack Interiors) on a shoot to create a cohesive set [...]

Napa Farmhouse2019-08-07T12:14:47-08:00

Winchester Country Club: Lot 317


Here are a handful of shots I did for HMA Architecture of a modern home in Winchester Country Club. Out of the nearly 40 final shots I provided to the client, none of them required any Photoshop, HDR processing, flash fill lighting, etc. All edits were done with a single RAW file in Lightroom. Gotta [...]

Winchester Country Club: Lot 3172019-06-25T12:01:13-08:00

Schaffer’s Mill: Lot 6


This home was built by Catalyst Builders with interior design by FiveWest Interiors. I got to photograph it unfurnished because it was built as a spec house and the new owner will be moving in shortly. All the details on this home were top notch and a joy to photograph.

Schaffer’s Mill: Lot 62018-10-22T12:14:08-08:00

Kimpton Sawyer Hotel


We had quite the nice sunset yesterday evening photographing the new Kimpton Sawyer Hotel in Downtown Sacramento (thanks to the predictions of Skyfire/The Photographer's Ephemeris). Besides dealing with the crowds from Disney on Ice letting out from Golden 1 Center, this was a pretty straightforward photo. I had to use my 19mm tilt shift, shifted [...]

Kimpton Sawyer Hotel2017-11-06T19:29:25-08:00

Martis Camp: Lot 493


I had the pleasure of getting to photograph this exquisite home in Martis Camp for Catalyst Builders, Chris Heinritz Architecture and Jules Wilson Design Studio. We were going for a natural look to the photos to give the home a bright, open and airy feeling.

Martis Camp: Lot 4932017-04-26T17:03:41-08:00

Schaffer’s Mill: Lot 185


This beautiful house, located in Schaffer's Mill, was built by Catalyst Builders. The interior was nicely stagged by the owners prior to my arrival, which really helped in getting some great shots. After a long winter, the snow was nearly completely melted outside besides a few patches by the house. I'm sure that in a [...]

Schaffer’s Mill: Lot 1852017-04-26T16:52:33-08:00

Golden 1 Center


The new Golden 1 Center in downtown Sacramento is such a difficult building to photograph due to it being so tall with no room to back up far enough to compose a shot. Luckily my 19mm tilt shift is just wide enough to fit the entire arena into one shot, shifted up of course to [...]

Golden 1 Center2017-03-13T08:28:17-08:00
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