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No Hands Bridge


The weather looked interesting enough this afternoon that the family and I decided to make a quick trip to Auburn to check out No Hands Bridge at sunset. My wife took the kids for a walk across the bridge while I scurried down the hillside to find a composition. I found this rock with an [...]

No Hands Bridge 2017-11-25T20:18:54+00:00

Lee Filters SW150 Lens Cap


Ever since I got my Lee Filters SW150 filter kit for my 14-24mm lens (back when they were the only ones making a filter system for that lens), I was always a little concerned about using the neoprene “hood sock”. Sure, it would keep the front element clean from dirt/water/etc., but anything bumping the front [...]

Lee Filters SW150 Lens Cap 2017-11-05T19:18:30+00:00

Kimpton Sawyer Hotel


We had quite the nice sunset yesterday evening photographing the new Kimpton Sawyer Hotel in Downtown Sacramento (thanks to the predictions of Skyfire/The Photographer's Ephemeris). Besides dealing with the crowds from Disney on Ice letting out from Golden 1 Center, this was a pretty straightforward photo. I had to use my 19mm tilt shift, shifted [...]

Kimpton Sawyer Hotel 2017-11-06T19:29:25+00:00

North Lake Autumn


Highway 395 along the Eastern Sierra is probably one of the most beautiful drives in California during the Fall. The whole Bishop Creek area outside of Bishop usually turns a vibrant yellow/orange/red in early October and it has always been on my list of places to photograph. Even though I wasn't feeling well, I made [...]

North Lake Autumn 2017-10-07T14:27:32+00:00

Kitchen & Bath Business Design Awards 2017


I am very honored to have had the opportunity to photograph this home in Martis Camp that won Kitchen of the Year by Kitchen & Bath Business for 2017. Here are the details: https://www.kbbonline.com/news/awards-events/kbbs-2017-design-award-winners-announced/  

Kitchen & Bath Business Design Awards 2017 2017-09-12T06:15:42+00:00

Martis Camp: Lot 493 Exterior


Round 2 at this beautiful home in Martis Camp (the exterior was still recovering from the heavy winter last time I shot it). I mainly focused on exterior shots this time and tried to highlight how the very expansive sliding doors in the back tuck away to really bring the outside in (or inside out?). [...]

Martis Camp: Lot 493 Exterior 2017-08-08T10:34:00+00:00

Kalalau Star Trails


The Kalalau Lookout is probably one of the most beautiful locations I've been to. Had our trip not been so last minute, I definitely would have made sure to get a permit and backpack the Kalalau Trail. Since there aren't too many compositions of this location and fiery sunsets are very rare, I had the [...]

Kalalau Star Trails 2017-07-30T10:49:44+00:00

Waimea Canyon


How people come to Kauai and not make the hour or so drive to Waimea Canyon blows my mind. We talked to so many people that said it was too far or too windy to go see. I might even go as far as saying it was my favorite part of our trip and I [...]

Waimea Canyon 2017-07-30T10:48:34+00:00

Wailua Falls


Since this is one of Kauai's more powerful falls, I definitely wanted to make sure to at least take a photo while we were there. The waterfall is beautiful from the top, but I was looking for a more unique view and something different. Before coming to Kauai, I watched a handful of YouTube videos [...]

Wailua Falls 2017-07-30T10:49:20+00:00

Tunnels Beach


Our flight, with time change, had us landing in Kauai in the early afternoon. That gave us just enough time to get a car (we opted for a convertible), get checked into the hotel and then drive up to the North side of the island for sunset. After countless hours of researching beaches via Google [...]

Tunnels Beach 2017-07-30T10:50:07+00:00

Eagle Falls Into Emerald Bay


Since we were fortunate enough to be attending a wonderful family wedding in Galena yesterday afternoon, it only made sense to make the short trip over the mountains to Lake Tahoe for sunset. As we came into Incline Village, I wasn't sure whether to try something along the east shore like Bonsai Rock or Sand [...]

Eagle Falls Into Emerald Bay 2017-06-25T18:42:02+00:00

Volcano Lake


To continue our yearly tradition of going backpacking on Father's Day, we headed up to the Sierra Buttes. Even though we technically didn't "backpack" this year and actually stayed in a campground, we did do a day hike up to Volcano Lake. For a relatively short hike, it sure beats all the crowds down at [...]

Volcano Lake 2017-06-19T11:40:16+00:00

Black Medicine: Cold Pressed Coffee


I've been really getting into trying different kinds of coffee lately (whether on purpose or out of necessity due to lack of sleep I do not know exactly). Being that this one is somewhat local to me (Oakland), I knew I had to add it to my list to try out. It seems like cold [...]

Black Medicine: Cold Pressed Coffee 2017-06-02T05:18:35+00:00

Schaffer’s Mill: Lot 185


This beautiful house, located in Schaffer's Mill, was built by Catalyst Builders. The interior was nicely stagged by the owners prior to my arrival, which really helped in getting some great shots. After a long winter, the snow was nearly completely melted outside besides a few patches by the house. I'm sure that in a [...]

Schaffer’s Mill: Lot 185 2017-04-26T16:52:33+00:00

Rainbow Bridge


I've been so completely busy with architectural photography recently that I haven't had a chance to get out and shoot many landscapes. So here is a long exposure from last year that I haven't released until now. After scrambling down the rocky cliffside through the snow and finding the spot that frames Donner Lake under [...]

Rainbow Bridge 2017-03-26T18:16:40+00:00

Golden 1 Center


The new Golden 1 Center in downtown Sacramento is such a difficult building to photograph due to it being so tall with no room to back up far enough to compose a shot. Luckily my 19mm tilt shift is just wide enough to fit the entire arena into one shot, shifted up of course to [...]

Golden 1 Center 2017-03-13T08:28:17+00:00



My website got hacked in early March 2017. I lost everything, which included over 6 years of blog posts. Time to start over I guess...

Hacked 2017-03-12T18:14:41+00:00

Multiple Exposure Sparkler Portrait


Since my website was hacked, I lost all the detail of my blog posts. However, this has been a very popular post due to its link on FStoppers and I thought I'd at least make the link active so everyone can see the photo. Writing our kids' names with sparklers has been our family tradition [...]

Multiple Exposure Sparkler Portrait 2017-07-06T12:57:32+00:00